Alyssa & Brian

Hoping to Adopt (New York)


Thank you

If you choose us to parent your baby, we promise to ensure that your child always knows where they came from and the woman who gave them life. We promise to communicate with you to the extent that you feel comfortable. Above all things, we promise to love your baby with all of our hearts. We will nurture your baby to grow into a kind person with a gentle way. We promise to guide them to make the right choices and to expand their minds. We will encourage them to always have hope.

Why Adoption

God brought us to the decision to adopt after struggling with infertility. Out of heartache, we found true peace in our decision. While we have come to terms with the biggest decision of our life, we know that it pales in comparison to the one that you are grappling with now. The fears, questions, and uncertainty that may be racing through your mind are unimaginable. We understand that the decision you are making takes time and reflection and that this profile may not provide you with all that you need to know.

Guadalupe aka Lupe

Guadalupe is our rambunctious petite Goldendoodle. We brought her home shortly after we moved into our house and our lives haven’t been the same since. There is NEVER a dull moment with Lupe. She cannot wait to go on long walks and play frisbee in our big backyard with a little one around the house.

Our Home

Our home is in a quiet cul-de-sac with a big backyard and lots of room to play. Each spring we start a family garden filled with veggies and pumpkins that pop just in time for Halloween. We also live within walking distance to the local elementary school. Our area is filled with people who walk with their dogs and kids running through sprinklers in the summertime. The baby nursery we have set up in our home overlooks our backyard and has a mural that teaches about different countries and animals. We have a cozy fireplace that our pup Lupe loves to sit near on cold winter nights and an old-fashioned radio that we like to listen to when we’re cleaning up around the house.

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