Hanna & Bradley

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Our Home

After we got married, we purchased our first home in a neighborhood where Hanna’s Great Grandparents lived and a few miles from Hanna’s childhood home. Over the last few years, we have worked to update the home to fit our family. This past summer, we actually painted the exterior of our house together. Now when we pull into our driveway the house truly feels like us! It has a hunter green door with a wreath and the porch has a stenciled pattern where we have two rocking chairs. Our house is warm and welcoming. We love to spend time on our front porch and spend even more time in our backyard. We have a big patio out back where we love to grill. The yard is big, and we have plenty of room for play. We have a big swing set with a slide and a rock wall. During the summer, we love to spend all day outside. We love to host our family and friends. Bradley loves to boil crawfish at least once a year, and we are always grilling. Our neighborhood is centrally located and we are able to walk to a great park. We also love to walk to one of the near by restaurants to have lunch or get pancakes. Our neighborhood is filled with other families and children. When we go on walks, we always see other families and it is very welcoming. We have access everything the city has to offer—the flight museum, the Zoo, the Arboretum and a nearby lake are some of our favorites. We are also close to great schools and know that our children will have the opportunity to take advantage of living in the city.


Reggie is half Weimaraner half Chocolate Lab and is 9 years old. We adopted Reggie when he was two years old from a shelter in 2014. Hanna immediately fell in love with Reggie, because of how sweet he was when she and her sister visited the shelter. Bradley had been begging Hanna to get a dog and was thrilled that Hanna found Reggie. Reggie spends most of his day napping on our red couch. He is extremely athletic and extremely lazy. When we are in the backyard playing fetch or he is running full speed, he is one of the fastest dogs we have ever seen. His ability to cut around people and things at full speed is impressive. But he quickly gets bored and wants to go laydown inside. Reggie loves people and we are convinced he thinks he is human. He is a picky eater and has been known to turn his nose up to many things other dogs would gobble up. His one flaw is that he isn’t good with other dogs, but he makes up for it in how good he is with babies and children. Reggie took to Walter right when we brought him home. A quick sniff and then he was good to go. Now that Walter is on the move, Reggie looks to stay out of Walter’s way. He keeps a watchful eye but is most content when we are all sitting in the living room together.


Walter is a happy two-year-old and such a joy. He is vivacious, funny and active. From the second he figured out how to roll-over he has been on the move. Walter is curious and interested in figuring out how and why things work. His favorite things include cars, construction, planes and animals. He also loves to shoot the basketball, hit golf balls and play catch. When the weather is nice, we love to walk to the park by our house or play in our back yard. We are also members of the Zoo and Arboretum. We love to go explore and see the giraffes and hippos or look at the pretty flowers and enjoy the sunshine. When Walter sits still, we love to read, play with puzzles or build with Legos or blocks. Walter loves babies and we often talk about if he would like a brother or sister. We ask him if he will help us and if he is excited to be a big brother. Like most two-year-old children, his answers very from a hard no to a sweet yes. Even though the concept of a brother or sister is hard for him to grasp, the way he interacts with his younger cousins, Charlie (8 months) and William (14 months), let us know he will be so thrilled for a new baby. He loves to hold Charlie and sweetly tries to comfort her whenever she is upset. He asks to Facetime with Charlie often to show her his toys. William and Walter love to play together too. Walter loves to pick-out a toy for William to use and even lets him play with his favorite cars. We know there will be a transition when we welcome a new child into our family, but we are confident Walter will take his big brother role with pride and love his brother or sister.

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