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Mallory Price


Hanna and Bradley are the ideal parents! They go above and beyond to create a home that is full of love, laughter, kindness, and support. They work together as a team to ensure the happiness of their child, Walter, and I pray that you give them the opportunity to provide the same love and happiness to your child. My husband and I highly recommend Hanna and Bradley as your child's adoptive parents. They have so much love to give, and Walter is looking forward to finally being a big brother. Thank you for your consideration of this beautiful family and your selfless decision to help Hanna and Bradley's family grow.

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Catherine F

Old Friend

I have known Hanna and Bradley for 11 years since we were in college together. Hanna and I were coworkers who grew to be friends, and of course Bradley was part of the package. I served in their wedding. I want to give them my highest recommendation as a family. Hanna and Bradley have true love and partnership in their marriage. Together, they are amazing parents to their toddler, and that includes parenting through the pandemic and the included major changes to social lives, school, and work. Always, they calmly and thoughtfully work through challenges. They are devoted to each other and to their families. Hanna and Bradley are dependable and smart. They are patient, warm, generous, empathetic, and giving. They are healthy and active (and fun of course). Hanna is one of the most helpful, most dependable, and best friends I’ve ever had. She has flown out to be with me when I needed her. She sends birthday and holiday cards every year and never forgets. I come from a large and tight-knit Louisiana Cajun family in a small town. We are always around kids, from siblings and cousins and, now, their own children and families. I have known dozens more families through babysitting and nannying for over 15 years. So I mean it when I say that Hanna and Bradley are a strong, amazing family built around love. They want to expand their family because they have so, so much more love to give.

Catherine F Endorsed Honest, Loving, Family Focused, outgoing , positive, Trustworthy, Active

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Audra Martin


Hanna and Bradley are two of our closest friends and wonderful parents. We are both raising young sons and they treat our son like their own. They are warm, kind, generous, loving, encouraging, supportive, genuine, fun, nurturing, thoughtful and so much more. We are grateful for their friendship and that their family is a part of our lives.

Audra Martin Endorsed Honest, Loving, Family Focused, outgoing , positive, Trustworthy, Active

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Khristen Jones


I have known Hanna and Bradley for more than 13 years. I remember the early days of their relationship to their beautiful wedding to the birth of their precious baby boy. Hanna has been a source of support and love throughout our entire friendship. She is trustworthy and loyal and the most giving person I have ever known. She is always willing to lend an ear through the good times and the bad. Bradley is one of the most centered people I know. To watch the way he loves Hanna and Walter so unconditionally is truly amazing. Bradley is also always a source of fun and joy. I have watched their relationship grow and evolve through each stage of life, and as an adopted child myself, I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me to know that they are embarking on this journey. They are outstanding parents, and I look forward to watching Hanna and Bradley grow their family through adoption. :)

Khristen Jones Endorsed Honest, Loving, Family Focused, outgoing , positive, Trustworthy, Active

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Christopher Deano


I've known Bradley and Hanna for almost a decade. They have been close friends since the first time we met in college. They have both always been two of the most genuine, sweetest, caring people I know. I've always looked at them as the "adults" of the group because they have always been the responsible ones, looking out for others and making sure everyone is well-cared for. Seeing the way they have raised Walter comes as no surprise to me. He is such a loving, well-behaved, happy little boy. One of my favorite traditions they have with Walter is that every night he says his prayers and prays for various people in his life- whether it be his grandparents, cousins, or friends of the family. Walter is the light of their lives, and an addition would be a blessing both to this family and to any child that would join it.

Christopher Deano Endorsed Active, Trustworthy, positive, Family Focused, Loving, Honest

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Liz Butler

Family friend

My husband, Garrett, has been an honorary member of the family since the day he was born. Though he’s just a best friend, he considers Bradley one of his brothers. I started dating Garrett and getting to know Bradley, Hanna and the rest of their family almost 10 years ago, and since the beginning, they have been some of the most warm and welcoming people I have ever met. They truly treat their friends like family and know the value of quality time with the ones they love. They all have such big hearts and we are so blessed to have them as part of our lives. I have seen Hanna and Bradley grow from a young college couple, to newlyweds, to now a beautiful family with the addition of their son, Walter. I’ve so enjoyed watching them become such wonderful, responsible parents and seeing them instill the values of kindness, respect, curiosity and gratitude in to their little one. A child would be so lucky to be brought into this loving home. Just like Walter, he or she would be surrounded by so much love and support, by not only their parents, but their extended family and friends. There is no couple more deserving of this precious gift. It gives me great joy to recommend both Hanna and Bradley as the perfect adoptive parents.

Liz Butler Endorsed Active, Trustworthy, positive, outgoing , Family Focused, Loving, Honest

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Alayna De Valdenebro

Family Friend

When you picture what good parents look like Hanna and Bradley are the first two people that come to mind. They both are full of love and patience beyond belief. Life has thrown them challenges for which they’ve handle with such grace and compassion. That’s what I feel makes a strong parent, a person who’s able to manage the challenges and demands of parenthood with patients and love. I couldn’t recommend two people more for the amazing blessing of bringing a new child into their family.

Alayna De Valdenebro Endorsed Honest, Loving, Family Focused, Trustworthy

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Heather Watts

Close Friend

Hanna and Bradley are two of the best people that I know. They are kind, thoughtful, loving, positive, and caring people. To know them, is to love them and they love their friends and family deeply. They are two of the best parents I know and I admire the hard work they put into raising their child in the best way possible.

Heather Watts Endorsed Honest, Loving, Family Focused, outgoing , positive, Trustworthy, Active

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My name is Elaina, I am 30 years old and live in Baton Rouge, LA. My husband grew up with Bradley and they have known each other since they were born. I was introduced to Bradley and Hanna in college, and have had the privilege of calling them friends for over 10 years now. Their little boy, Walter, is about one year older than our child, and it has been a joy to witness what an amazing job they have done raising him so far. I have no doubt that Walter will grow up to be respectful, attentive, sensitive to the needs of others, hard-working, responsible, and kind, because his parents possess these qualities. Hanna and Bradley are the type of people who will be there to support their friends and family no matter what life throws their way. I turned to Hanna on multiple occasions when I was struggling as a mom to a newborn baby, and she took the time to listen, give helpful advice, and make me feel comfortable and reassured. Hanna and Bradley will not only meet a child’s physical needs, but they will also go above and beyond meet their emotional, psychological, and educational needs as well. They have a very healthy work-life balance, sticking to a schedule while valuing opportunities to spend quality time together doing fun activities. Bradley and Hanna have a patient, gentle parenting style and will provide a happy, safe, nurturing environment where a child can grow and learn. They have been hoping to expand their family for years now, and I can’t think of a more deserving couple.

Elaina Endorsed Honest, Loving, Family Focused, outgoing , positive, Trustworthy, Active

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Crystal Gillis


I first met Hanna 8 years ago, when I hired her as a marketing director. I quickly found Hanna to be highly intelligent, reliable, and a person of great compassion and integrity. Over the years, Hanna has become a close friend, and I have gotten to know her very well. She was a steadfast presence of support when my own child endured a long hospitalization following a stroke during open heart surgery. She is truly one of a kind. Her husband, Bradley, is a tremendous husband and father. His love for children has shaped his career path, as a teacher and coach. I can personally attest that Hanna and Bradley are wonderful, devoted parents. They are passionate about growing their family through adoption, and I know any child that is entrusted to them will flourish in their loving family.

Crystal Gillis Endorsed Honest, Loving, Family Focused, outgoing , positive, Trustworthy, Active

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